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Havana's Malecon

Is a broad esplanade,roadway and seawall wchich stretches for 8km along the coast in Havana, from the mounth of Havana Harbor in Old Havana,along the north side of the Centro Habana neighborhood ending in the Vedado neighborhood.It has a warm waters surrounding the island.Havana's malecon is a key element in the road order of the city.

National Capitol

Built in 1929 under the direction of architect Eugenio Raynieri Piedra, commissioned by the Cuban President of those days,Gerardo Machado.It was designed to accommodate and host both sides of the Congress.Inspired by the United States Capitol, the building has a neoclassical facade with columns and dome that reaches 91.73m in height.The two bronze statues symbolizing work and the guardian virtual of the people.The interior is characterized by the eclectic opulence without losing the harmony.

Central Park 5 minutes walking

The statue of Jose Marti it was unveiled in Central Park on February 24 th,1905 in a ceremony led by the General of the the Liberation Army Maximo Gomez and President Tomas Estrada Palma. Today it is a monument well known by all Cubans, made in white marble and designed by the Cuban sculptor Jose Villalta at the request of hundreds of countrymen that with their savings contributed to the cost to raise this tribute to the Cuban who did so much for our independence.

El Floridita Bar 10 Minutes walking

The Floridita is a bar/ Restaurant.In 1817 opened it doors for the first time,on the corner of Obispo and Monserrate St. and became world famous thanks to the writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway, who used to visit him regularly.Their slogan is "The cradle of the daiquiri" and Hemingway himself increased it fame with a phase that attracted tourists from around the world: "My mojito in la Bodequita, my daiquiri in El Floridita"

Park Morro-Cabaña 25 minutes walking

Privileged site formed by two ancient building of the magnitude of the Castle of Tres Reyes del Morro.The most emblematic of the Cuban Fortresses started in 1630 by the Italian military engineer Juan Bautista Antonelli. The castle of Tres Reyes del morro became what is now the most extensive museum in the country.It has two theme rooms that illustrate the history of navigation in the port of Havan, while the other has the largest collection of ancient weapons of Cuba.

Touristic Bus 5 minutes walking

Is the ideal means of transport for those wishing to make a panoramic visit to the beautiful Havana city and photograph the monuments,theaters,plazas and parks whotreasure the extraordinary cultural,historical and natural wealth of Havana,the main tourist destination of Cuba.Those who travel across the cityhave superior part outdoor and those who travel along the coast and the road,are well covered in the lower part of the bus.All of them reach east side of the city the white sand beaches.

Revolution Museum 5minute walking

It is located on what once was the Presidential Palace and is the most important Cuban Museums for the amount and value of its assets,its comprehensive exhibition and its cultural historical and political work.More than 30 rooms are traversed annually by more than 300,000 visitors.The institution collecttions are formed by 9000 pieces of which about 700 are exhibited in the permanent exhibition.The museum and the Granma Memorial were declared a National Monument in January 2010.

Theatre Alicia Alonso8minute walking

Home to the National Ballet of Cuba, is one of the leading cultural institutions in Havana and architectutally one of the icons of the city.Is located on the Paseo de Marti( Prado) southwest corner of the pedestrian boulevard of San Rafael St. and on the west side of Central Park.The main hall it has capacity for 1500 people and is home to the National Ballet of Cuba and hosting the opera seasons offered by the National Lyric Theater.Is small hall and places like the Cafe' Adagio.

Cigar Factory 8minutes walking

One of Havana's oldest and mos famous cigar factores.It was founded in 1845 by Spaniard Jaime Partagas. Tours every 15min from 9am -1pm Mon -Fri

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